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Warp serie 400 size brusless motors DIY brushless outrunner

Warp series brushless motors:

Here the specs from the manufacturer:

  • Reinforced front and end cap to better sustain impact at crash.
  • Very hard and tempered 3 mm shaft which can not be broken easily.
  • The wires come out from end cap and directly weld with connector. Such design will prevent motor from derating or loss of efficiency. Also, each wire are assembled with selected color of heat shrink tube which help to distinguish different models after installing.
  • High- speed type ˇ§NTNˇ¨ Bearings used for both ends are quiet and durable in use.
  • The model number is laser engraved, unique and never abraded.
  • The newest design of rotor and silicon-iron stator are built for smooth magnetic field and better efficiency.
  • Six-pole and extremely powerful magnets on rotor further contribute to high speed turning and torque.
  • Two sets of mounting holes are PDC16 (2.6mm) for 400-class motor and PDC19 (3mm) for 480- class motor. They are applicable to most brands of gear box in the market.
  • Useful data can also be found here.
Description Price US $ Sale US $
BL-4-15-2 69.00  N/A
BL-4-15-5 69.00  N/A

 DIY (Do it yourself) brusless motor kits:

These kits feature high quality machined parts with high grade bearings and magnets. They require only winding and final assembly, and they will allow you to assemble these 34g motor to the specification you want, more torque or more rpm just choose the winding from the chart in the assembly manual.

Description Price U$ Sale U$
Revo DIY Outrunners => Front/rear mount  31.00 27.00
Revo DIY Outrunners => Stick mount  N/A  
DIY 300 plus  31.00 27.00
Revo DIY preassembled (3 wire/12 turn) stick mount 59.00 55.00





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