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What is Skynavigator?

Well, basically it is a GPS telemetry system connected to a handheld PC device running the Skynavigator software. The GPS system and software have been developed about 5 years back in Switzerland and they are now using it successfully to fly large scale glider triangle race events, called GPS Eurocup all over Europe.

To learn more about GPS triangle racing with scale gliders, read our article here.

The Skynavigator software actually scales down the full size glider contest, where they race around a predefined triangle course. Waypoints are stored in a GPS software and pilots can accurately run the triangle and all flight data will also be stored to be evaluated at the end of the contest for the results.

Now the complete system for scale glider pilots is composed of the GPS telemetry system, which includes a GPS receiver module and a data transmitter in the glider. A ground data receiver that transmits the GPS data strings to the Skynavigator software in a handheld PC.

The graphic display on the handheld PC will show up to 60 different flight parameters, it will show the race course and the glider in real time motion racing around the course:

The Skynavigator software can be run on handheld devices like PALM, Pocket PC (PDA), or any intelligent phone (Smartphone) that can run Windows Mobile and has a graphic display capability and is connected to a GPS telemetry system to fly the course.

With the software you can create a triangle race course with up to 500m (1650 ft) far waypoints and a start altitude up to 500m (1650 ft) of ground. It will show a variety of parameters like various real time speed mode, altitude, vario-meter, distance from course, time, etc.. Also the course can be set as two waypoint course and be used to evaluate flight performance of your airplane. All data are stored and can be replayed and also shown on Google Earth.

New web site for the GPS triangle racing:


Skynavigator components and prices:  
The complete Skynavigator systems that opens you an infinity of possibilities:
  • You would like to easily evaluate the performance of your aircraft
  • You would like to fly your glider scale likewise and fly triangle tasks
  • You would like to measure the max speed that your aircraft reaches on the slope
  • As tow pilot, you would like to know the tow speed, climb rate and exact release height
  • Thanks the to the real-time speed display, you would like to land your large scale model or jet at a given safe speed
  • Besides the current climb rate display you would like also see the gained height and the average climb rate
  • By evaluating your flight records, you would like to optimize your thermal flight performance
  • You would like to retrieve quickly your model after an out of field landing.
  • You have flight restriction on your field and would like avoid these areas during your flight
  • You would like to practice F3B laps but don't have any helper to do so
  • The Skynavigator will allow you to fly your aircraft as you would be in its cockpit alike

Basic set includes:

  • SkyNavigator V3.1 GPS Modul
  • Tx and Rx telemetry module
  • Tx and Rx antenna
  • Base software to read GPS logger
  • User manual on CD
  • No PDA

Price: 1065.00U$

Upgrade to Bluetooth: Price: 1116.00U$

Now available:
pre-owned system, like new, BT, without PDA: 650.00 U$

GPS module and logger, installed in your airplane and connected to a HF transmitter module. The integral logger will store up to 6 hours of flight.
Price: 218.00U$
HF-Module connected to the RC receiver and to the GPS module. It will transmit GPS data and RX voltage to the ground. Two additional voltage can be monitored and sent to ground.
Price: 402.00U$
The ground receiver module is connected to a pocket PC or Smartphone by mean of Bluetooth. All flight data are then transmitted to the pocket PC without the need of a cable. Use also your Smartphone running windows mobile and you won't need a Pocket PC.
Price: 484.00U$

Complete set with HP iPAQ 210 Pocket-PC

This set is all you need, except the Rx batteries to have the system work. The SkyNavGPS-Flyer soft ware is installed oin the iPaQ and operation ready.

  • SkyNavigator V3 GPS Module, Tx and Rx with Bluetooth for data transfer
  • HP iPaQ 210
  • Antenna for TX and Rx
  • SkyNavGPS-Flyer Navigation software installed on iPaQ
  • All user manuals and software on CD
Large hi-res screen, fast processor and with Bluetooth!
Install in a model power on and fly!
Price: 1595.00U$

Now available:
pre-owned system, like new, BT, with iPaQ: 850.00 U$

Here are all the links needed to download all the softwares and user manuals.
To install the Software on your own PDA or Smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0 or later, we assembled here a demo package:

Download Skynavigator software here!

Download user manual for: SkyNavGPS-Flyer



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