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Multi-task gliders
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  The purpose or the idea:
Multi-task gliders can be flown either on the slope, from a winch/hi-start, aero-towed or electrified by any mean.
It means that these gliders have been optimized for performance, without scarifying on durability or by limiting their usage.
So you will find gliders of any size, but more likely larger one's which fit the best in this philosophy. These aircraft are built to last, they are great thermal ships, by their handling. Will do heavy aerobatics and are real show planes.
Some of these airplanes are now successfully used for GPS triangle cross-country flying, which is a growing event over Europe. These aircrafts are also #1 choices for Alpine soaring.
Traveling has also been kept in mind when designing these gliders, so they can well be fitted in Sport tubes for airplane travel.
Anyhow, feel free to inquiry, to find out which aircraft is best suited for you and which will improve your flying experience.


up to 3m span 4m span 5m + span

Alpina 3001

Alpina 4001

Alpina 5001



Vortex Champ

Alexis VE/XE
Thermik XXXL



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